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Pepito's is a Latin street food restaurant that specializes in south American sandwiches, arepas and empanadas. We've got two signature dishes: La Bomba, a sandwich filled with long cooked pulled beef, served with some of our homemade sauces such as the salsa Verde and the mojito, and La Morena, an arepa filled with asado, black beans, avocado and our best sauces. Arepas are a Colombian and Venezuelan  corn pita.

The restaurant was established in 2016. It is owned and ran by Andres and Silvia, a married couple with two children. He's Colombian and she is from Venezuela. 

His passion for cooking and her business skills took them to make the decision and open a south American restaurant in the heart of the Machane Yehuda shuk.

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The Perfect Choice


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Sunday - Thursdat: 12am - midnight

Friday: 12am - 3pm
Saturday: 7pm - 12am